Handbook of Harmony

Handbook of Harmony

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This volume is an ADOBE PDF available for immediate download over 175 pages in full color.


This is the main instructional volume for the

"Adventures in Harmony Music Course".  


This volume explains the patent pending system and technique on creating beautiful chord progressions and changes. This is the first time that this information has appeared in print allowing anybody to create that soulful sound in their music. With this course you will be creating harmonies and progressions to go with music of your choice. There are no songs or progressions to memorize in this course. This is because you are going to be creating your own progressions and harmonies to go with the songs that you choose.

This is a step-by-step process that you can apply to any piece of music Learn about Tones, Accidentals, Intervals, chord dissonance, consonance and resolution. How to turn a single note melody into full blown Advanced Chords


Watch us turn a simple one finger melody into beautiful chord changes



All of the chords are beautifully illustrated in our chord reference volumes. No music reading is required. 


No more simple major, minors, 6's and 7th Chords. How to change songs with simple voicing into advanced voicings. How to add passing chords anywhere you want. Creative Music has developed a revolutionary method enabling keyboard musicians to quickly harmonize a line of notes with infinite chord changes.


Just watch how we can add chords and 

easily chain them together like lego building blocks


 Here is a sample chord sequence created using the secrets revealed in the HandBook of Harmony. 


This PDF was printed using the PIANO HARMONY MIDI STUDI APP

Sample PDF Chord Sequence



This information has never been published before, and is usually only passsed on by word of mouth by that inner circle of musicians who have mastered playing by ear and without music. 
Learn how many of those who can't even read music are are able chord up beautiful chord sequences, and many times run circles around those who have had years of formal instruction. Our system will allow you to join the ranks of those who can play any song without music. We will get you there in weeks, not years! 
You will see it's alot simpler then you think once you know the technique.
Our course in unlike any other music course. Our approach and philosophy are very different. The "Adventures in harmony" series teaches you a system, that enables you to create YOUR OWN unique sound and style.
You will be able to apply this system to songs of your choice and play beautiful chord sequences without reading written sheet music!

With this course you will be creating unique harmonies and progressions to go with whatever style of music you choose.

  • No repeating harmonies
  • No memorizing progressions from songs in this course.
  • No songs to memorize in this course.
  • There are no chord progressions to memorize.

    We teach you how to create your very own progressions and harmonies, that complement the songs that YOU choose. We teach you how to apply our system to YOUR music.

    Other courses simply show you how to copy and memorize their harmonies and progressions. 
  • Imitating someone else's style or songs is not instruction.
  • Imitating is nothing more than testing your memory!
  • Would you really want to memorize anything?
  • Why sound boring and play the same way every single time?
  • Suppose you don't want to play the song they are playing.
  • I'm sure you have your OWN songs, that you want to play not just the ones they picked!
  • Do you always want to sound just like them?
  • You want to sound like you, and have your own sound. YES!


You Will Never play a song the same way twice!!!!

  • Choose your own chords and voicings to go with the songs and music that YOU CHOOSE!!
  • Create what has never have been played before.
  • Play YOUR OWN VERSION of whatever song you want.
  • Play the most complex advanced voicings!
  • No more simple major, minors, 6's and 7th Chords
  • We take you beyond, where other courses fall short!


In this volume:

  • Tutorial on the number system. Tones, Accidentals, Intervals
  • Turn a one note melody into full blown Advanced Chords.
  • Change songs with simple voicings and flare them up with Advanced Voicings.
  • Add passing chords anywhere you desire.
  • Instantly Identify any tone of any scale
  • Learn about Chord Dissonance and Resolution
  • An Intro to Picture Chords (instantly playing chords in any key)
  • Harmonizing on the Melody
  • Create unique progressions from scratch.
  • Voicing Progressions 
  • All the DETAILS on HOW TO DO IT!



We are the ONLY company that offers a complete series, with a music course that TRULY gives INSTRUCTION!


Everthing is fully explained in detail. Just like having a personal instructor

No music reading is necessary!

We instruct you on how to apply our system and techniques

to the music of YOUR choice!


 Over 175 pages illustrated in full color


Imagine being able to play a different chord on every melody note! The system is such that no two musicians will come up with the same resulting harmonization. Gregory Moody Creative Music's founder is an accomplished musician and software engineer, who comes from a family lineage of musicians, i.e., his world famous cousin NEA jazz master and recording artist, James Moody.

Music education has not changed in the last century, and Creative Music is on the forefront of turning that around. We are re-inventing how music has been taught for the last century. Our instructional method goes against the grain of all past music education teaching methodologies.

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